JSD, June 2012: Learning Communities

Jun 01, 2012

Published on June 1, 2012

At issue

Up close: Deep smarts start here  Download Now

  • Connecting the standards
  • Assess collective responsibility in your school

A tapestry of inquiry and action: Cycle of learning weaves its way through Washington District
   Download Now 

Using a learning cycle that incorporates data, action, and evidence of results, the West Valley School District is working to meet its commitment that all graduates will be college-ready. (Available to the public.)
By Harriette Thurber Rasmussen , Kathryn Karschney 

I am a professional: Learning communities elevate teachers' knowledge, skills, and identity  
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Learning communities are a way for teaching to restore its status as a profession, as teachers at one middle school prove.
By Edward F. Tobia , Shirley M. Hord 

Midwestern magic: Iowa's statewide initiative engages teachers, encourages leadership, and energizes student learning  Download Now 

A framework focused on improving instruction leads to higher student scores in reading, math, science, and social studies in schools implementing the initiative. (Available to the public.)
By Dana L. Carmichael , Rita Penney Martens 

Where principals dare to dream: Critical friends group narrows the gap between vision and reality  Download Now

Principals form a Critical Friends Group that uses structured conversation and skilled facilitation to learn about leadership practice directly connected to the real issues facing them.
By Kevin Fahey 

Team check-up: Use 4 goals to assess a professional learning community's effectiveness  Download Now

Four professional development coaches outline key goals that help four school districts determine whether their professional learning communities are working.
By Daniel R. Moirao , Susan C. Morris , Victor Klein , Joyce W. Jackson

Give teams a running start: Take steps to build shared vision, trust, and collaboration skills  
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Targeting key barriers can remove hurdles and energize the work of professional learning communities.
By Jane A.G. Kise 


From the editor  Download Now
(Available to the public.)
By Tracy Crow 

Essentials: Keeping up with hot topics in the field  Download Now
  • Getting results
  • The teachers viewpoint
  • ELL student needs
  • Instructional culture
  • Fixing education
  • Measures of Effective Teaching project
  • How to support teachers
  • Peer networking

Tool: Unpacking the Standards for Professional Learning  Download Now 

Collaborative culture: A shift in perspective can change our attitudes and our outcomes   Download Now 

             (Available to the public.)
By Susan Scott 

Cultural proficiency: Tap into educators' sense of purpose to create equitable classrooms and schools   Download Now 

(Available to the public.)
By Sarah W. Nelson , Patricia L. Guerra 

@ Learning Forward   Download Now 

  • Texas team wins Shirley Hord Award
  • On Board: Kenneth Salim looks at learning communities across professions
  • Learning Forward Foundation awards grants
  • Learning Forward calendar
(Available to the public.)

From the director   Download Now 

(Available to the public.)
By Stephanie Hirsh 



Rebel with a cause: A pioneer in the field reflects on the evolution of professional learning communities   Download Now 

From her start as director of staff development in 1978, the author tracks an evolving field and her quest for effective professional learning.
By Carlene U. Murphy 

Principals in the pipeline: Districts construct a framework to develop school leadership  Download Now 
Six school districts are participating in an initiative funded by The Wallace Foundation to ensure that a large corps of school leaders is properly trained, hired, and developed on the job. This article is sponsored by The Wallace Foundation. (Available to the public.) 
By Pamela Mendels