National Staff Development Council Receives MetLife Foundation Grant to Launch Learning School Alliance


Carol V. François


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National Staff Development Council Receives MetLife Foundation Grant to Launch Learning School Alliance

DALLAS—August 10, 2009—The National Staff Development Council has received a $350,000 grant from MetLife Foundation to launch the Learning School Alliance, a nationwide coalition of schools committed to collaborative leadership, effective teamwork, and increased student achievement.“We are thrilled to have MetLife Foundation’s support for the Alliance,” said Stephanie Hirsh, executive director of NSDC. “MetLife Foundation, the 40 initial LSA schools themselves, and NSDC are launching a program designed to produce substantive advancements in learning for educators and students. Educators from these schools support one another by applying the principles and standards of professional development grounded in NSDC’s definition of professional learning.”

“The Learning School Alliance is about collaboration within schools and among schools,” said Dennis White, President of MetLife Foundation. “By working with other teachers and administrators across the nation, participating schools will have the challenge and the opportunity to determine, implement, and share the best methods of professional development.”

Throughout this innovative two-year program, LSA participants will learn together in their own schools, with other schools through webinars and facilitated conversations, and at face-to-face meetings convened by NSDC. Supported by materials including the MetLife Foundation-funded Becoming a Learning School, NSDC’s recently published learning and planning toolkit, LSA members will share their goals, their progress, and their results throughout the program.

“The Learning School Alliance is NSDC’s definition of professional development in action,” said Carol V. Francois, NSDC’s director of learning. “Members of the LSA are committed to making professional development the foundation of their student achievement efforts since they believe, as we do, that when teachers learn and grow, students do too.”

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The National Staff Development Council’s purpose is ensuring that every educator engages in effective professional learning every day so every student achieves. NSDC is the only education association working solely to increase student achievement through more effective professional development. For more information about the impact of high-quality professional learning, visit

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MetLife Foundation supports education, health, civic, and cultural organizations. It seeks to increase opportunities for young people to succeed, give students and teachers a voice in improving education, create connections between schools and communities, and develop leadership. Its funding is informed by findings from the annual The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher