Standing up, speaking out

By Anthony Armstrong

Read about the need for teacher voices in national policy discussions and learn how Marie Parker-McElroy, an instructional coach in Fairfax County (Va.), raised her voice to testify in Washington D.C. Explore how to develop and apply your voice as an educator.

Tool: Develop a relationship with your representative's and senator's education aides

Use this tool to develop relationships with your congressional representatives' key aides as part of your journey to speak out for effective professional learning.

 Teachers leading: Teamwork is not enough

By Joellen Killion

Despite the investment of time in teacher team meetings, an essential step of the core work is often neglected -- learning. Learn how to use the cycle of continuous improvement to ensure professional learning on multiple levels.

 A coach's dilemma: Clear expectations helped coach overcome staff suspicions

By Valerie von Frank

Elaine Romero is an instructional coach in Albuquerque (N.M.). Read how she overcame teacher resistance as she transitioned from teacher to formal coach. Learn how she uses teacher self-reflection and peer observation for continued improvements.