Motivation and mastery: Students learn about learning

By Tracy Crow

What does it take to be really good at something? The nonprofit organization What Kids Can Do asks students to investigate this question. Students demonstrate their expertise in a wide range of out-of-school activities and interview adult experts as part of the process of learning about learning.

NSDC tool: It starts with a spark and Many interests, many strengths

Use these prompts to begin an inquiry into excellence. Students and adults consider what factors contribute to their development of a skill or interest. Additional prompts assist teachers in recognizing student skills they may have overlooked.

Lessons from a coach: Goals help coaches get a good start

Meet instructional coach David Holden. He has found that establishing parameters for a coaching initiative with school administrators is a critical first step to success.

Focus on NSDC's standards: Quality teaching is a tapestry of skills

By Joellen Killion

The Quality Teaching standard focuses a laser beam on the importance of professional development for integrating content knowledge, instruction, and assessment.