4 pillars support coaching

By Ellen B. Eisenberg

In Pennsylvania, a partnership between the state department of education and the Annenberg Foundation has developed and implemented a particularly effective model of instructional coaching throughout the state known as the Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching. Read how this coaching model uses four core elements to provide uniform and consistent delivery of quality professional development.

Tools: Coach reflection tool and Mentor reflection tool

Use these two tools to help coaches and their mentors remain focused on the four core elements of the Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching model.

Teachers leading: Teacher leaders juggle a variety of duties to implement common core standards

By Joellen Killion

Explore the key responsibilities teacher leaders have to ensure that high expectations for student learning translate into high-quality teaching and student learning when applying the Common Core State Standards.

A coach's dilemma: Asking why can guide teachers to deeper learning

By Valerie von Frank

Bill Thomas, instructional coach with Boston Public Schools, shows how asking teachers tough questions helps them become independent learners.