Nonverbal Communication Skills to Positively Influence Classroom Behavior
Facilitated by Rachel Babbs & Krista Grinder-Dettloff
Nov. 5: 2p.m. - 3p.m. ET

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Learn to systematically utilize the full range of nonverbal management skills when getting students’ attention, teaching, and transitioning to independent practice. Acquire strategies that reinforce consistent and fair parameters while preserving relationships with each student, regardless of unique learning styles or cultural backgrounds. Learn how to create a healthy classroom environment where students are engaged and motivated to learn.

RachelBabbs Rachel Babbs is a trainer and instructional coach for the Salem-Keizer School District in Salem, Oregon. She has more recently taken on the role of teacher improvement mentor for the district and over the past five years focused her professional development and coaching specifically in the area of teacher evaluation and professional growth goals.

Krista Grinder-Dettloff Krista Grinder-Dettloff has spent the last 18 years in education learning how others learn and becoming a coach and trainer. Grinder-Dettloff has extensive training in many models of communication. She is currently the literacy facilitator at Roosevelt Elementary School in Vancouver Public Schools and an associate of Michael Grinder & Associates training others how to communicate effectively, efficiently, and extraordinarily well in all situations.