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Newest Additions

Documenting your Professional Learning Story: Showing the Impact of Professional Learning
Elizabeth Foster, Melinda George, Jon Bernstein, Sue Renehan, Barbara Patterson Oden, and Judy Newhouse (March 20, 2019)

Elizabeth Foster and Melinda George of Learning Forward, Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, Sue Renehan of Learning Forward New England, Barbara Patterson Oden of Learning Forward Virginia, and Judy Newhouse of Learning Forward Virginia describe their experiences and learnings from their advocacy visit to Washington, D.C.

Hearing from Districts: Measuring the Impact of Professional Learning
Nate Franz, Get Nichols, and Laura Summers (March 6, 2019)

Nate Franz of Syracuse City School District, Get Nichols of Fort Wayne Community Schools, and Laura Summers of Denver Public Schools share strategies, interventions, and tools that they have used to measure the impact of professional learning in their districts.

Taking the Next Step: Implementing Next Generation Professional Learning
Adam Rubin, Meaghan Foster, Elizabeth M. Vincent, and Kevin Schuttinger (February 28, 2019)

Adam Rubin and Meaghan Foster of 2Revolutions, Elizabeth M. Vincent of Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, and Kevin Schuttinger of Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools share a toolkit of resources that can help educators' implementation of innovative professional learning models.

Getting Started: Designing Next Generation Professional Learning
Adam Rubin and Meaghan Foster (February 21, 2019)

Adam Rubin and Meaghan Foster of 2Revolutions help viewers rethink professional development by playing an interactive game. This webinar shares the limitations of traditional professional learning models, what a transformed professional learning model looks like, and how to design a next generation professional learning experience.

State Supports for Title II Implementation: Plus a look ahead to the new Congress
Janice Poda, Jon Bernstein, Julia Fallon, Paul Fleming (November 27, 2018)

Janice Poda of Learning Forward, Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, Julia Fallon from the Office of Superintendents of Public Instruction in the State of Washington, and Paul Flemming of the Department of Education share a forecast of what to expect from the new Congress, next year’s education funding process, how two key states are implementing Title II, and what resources, tools, and messaging two key states are using to support districts.

Social and Emotional Learning: How to Implement What We Know from the Research

Elizabeth Foster and Stephanie Jones (November 27, 2018)

Elizabeth Foster of Learning Forward and Stephanie Jones from the Harvard Graduate School of Education explore what is meant by social and emotional learning, what the research says about effective components of SEL programs and interventions, how SEL is implemented in classrooms and out-of-school time programs, and the implications for professional learning for all educators and leaders.

Collecting and Leveraging Evidence of Professional Learning Impact
Elizabeth Foster, Janice Poda, Francine Grannell, Lynn Holdheide, Cindy Rockholt, Sue Anderson, Jon Bernstein (September 5, 2018)

Elizabeth Foster and Janice Poda of Learning Forward, Francine Grannell of Skaneateles School District, Lynn Holdheide from the Center for Great Teachers and Leaders, Cindy Rockholt and Sue Anderson from the Washington State Office of the Superintendent Public Instruction, and Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group share state and district approaches to measuring the impact of professional learning. Get information on impact requirements in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and how these requirements can be leveraged to strengthen professional learning in your school or district.

Advocacy Team (A-Team) Sharing Title II Success Stories
Melinda George, Stephanie Hirsh, Judy Newhouse, and Jon Bernstein (July 24, 2018)

Stephanie Hirsh and Melinda George of Learning Forward, Judy Newhouse of Learning Forward Virginia, and Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group share some of the stories that are resonating with members, discuss what makes these stories powerful, and teach participants how they can document their own evidence and impact story.

Advocacy Team (A-Team) Action Conversation (Part II)
Melinda George, Stephanie Hirsh, Elizabeth Foster, and Jon Bernstein (June 28, 2018)

Stephanie Hirsh, Elizabeth Foster, and Melinda George of Learning Forward, and Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group deliver the latest federal update and provide you with tips on sharing your professional learning story.

Advocacy Team (A-Team) Action Conversation
Melinda George, Stephanie Hirsh, and Jon Bernstein (June 6, 2018)

Stephanie Hirsh and Melinda George of Learning Forward, and Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group provide you with a federal update from Capitol Hill and some tools for you to use in the upcoming federal and local funding battles.

Building Educator Capacity to Implement High-Quality Curricula: The Role of Teacher Leaders, Open Education Resources, and Evidence-Centered Design
Michelle Bowman, Patricia Conner, Megan Simmons, and Cynthia Jimes (May 21, 2018)

Michelle Bowman of Learning Forward, Patricia Conner from CenterPoint Education Solutions, Megan Simmons and Cynthia Jimes from Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) consider the role of teacher leaders and how to use their expertise where it matters most. Deepen your understanding about the research and importance of institutionalizing a coherent and aligned curriculum.

Building a Continuum of Leadership Learning and Support: Principals and Central Office
Frederick Brown, Kassandra Lassiter, Douglas Anthony, Melissa Ellis, Margaret Ackerman, Glenn Pethel, and Dale Pugh (May 16, 2018)

Frederick Brown of Learning Forward, Kassandra Lassiter, Douglas Anthony, and Melissa Ellis of Prince George's County Public Schools, and Margaret Ackerman, Glenn Pethel, and Dale Pugh of Gwinnett County Public Schools deepen participant's understanding of research and resources that provide guidance in district leadership development efforts. Hear from the two districts that are part of the Wallace Foundation Principal Pipeline Initiative about approaches for district and school-based leadership systems of support.

Building a Case for Connecting High-Quality Curricula and Team-Based Professional Learning
Stephanie Hirsh, Tracy Crow, Eric Hirsch, Lauren Weisskirk, and Jody Guarino (May 7, 2018)

Stephanie Hirsh and Tracy Crow of Learning Forward, Eric Hirsch and Lauren Weisskirk of EdReports, and Jody Guarino of Orange County Department of Education help participants deepen their understanding about the research and importance of institutionalizing a coherent and aligned curriculum. Hear about the latest research confirming the importance of high-quality curriculum and instructional materials to impact equitable outcomes for students.

How Teacher Leadership, Career Ladders and Relicensure can Support Teaching for Deeper Learning

Michelle Exstrom, Wendy Robinson, and David Hill (April 25, 2018)

Michelle Exstrom from the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Wendy Robinson from Fort Wayne Community Schools, and David Hill of Georgia Professional Standards Board, explore how teacher leadership opportunities, career ladders and policies related to embedding professional learning in relicensure and recertification processes can help educators gain the skills and experiences they need to foster students’ deeper learning.

Taking the Lead: Roles for Teachers and Teacher Leaders
Joellen Killion and Cindy Harrison (April 10, 2018)

Joellen Killion and Cindy Harrison of Learning Forward discuss the 10 roles described in the second edition of Taking the Lead: New Roles for Teachers and School-based Coaches, how the roles contribute to teaching quality and student learning, and the overview of the knowledge, skills, and practices associated with each role.​​

Reaching All Students: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) under ESSA
Frederick Brown, Stephanie Hirsh, Laura Hamilton, and Sean Grant (February 27, 2018)

Frederick Brown and Stephanie Hirsh of Learning Forward, and Laura Hamilton and Sean Grant from the RAND Corporation, discuss the implications for how to integrate SEL strategies and outcomes into your own professional learning programs and share evidence that indicates the importance of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to student success in academics. Researchers identified Title I, Title II and Title IV funding streams as potential supports for integrating SEL into state, district and school improvement efforts using this report: Social and Emotional Learning Interventions Under the Every Student Succeeds Act, Evidence Review.

Teaching in the Machine Age
Michelle Bowman and Thomas Arnett (February 21, 2018)

Michelle Bowman of Learning Forward, and Thomas Arnett from Clayton Christensen Institute, discuss the ways in which education systems may leverage technology to commoditize teacher professional expertise, thereby ensuring that every student has access to high-quality teaching.

Evidence and Evaluation for ESSA: An In-Depth Conversation

Elizabeth Foster, Theresa Bennett, and Angela Minnici (November 14, 2017)

Elizabeth Foster of Learning Forward, Theresa Bennett from the Delaware Department of Education, and Angela Minnici of WestEd, answer questions raised in an earlier webinar discussion and provide an in-depth conversation around evidence and evaluation.

Spending Caps and the Federal Budget – How Can We Advocate for Education?
Elizabeth Foster, Jon Bernstein, Kate Cassling, and TJ Lucas (October 18, 2017)

Elizabeth Foster of Learning Forward, Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, Kate Cassling and TJ Lucas from the office of Senator Manchin, gives an update on the status of FY18 federal funding legislation, and speaks about the federal spending caps and why we need to advocate to raise them.

Speak Up for Title II: Evidence and Evaluation Data
Elizabeth Foster, Theresa Bennett, Angela Minnici, and David Silver (September 26, 2017)

Elizabeth Foster of Learning Forward, Theresa Bennett of Delaware Department of Education, Angela Minnici of WestEd, and David Silver of RTI International, explore how to integrate an evidence-driven approach to professional learning from start to finish in any initiative. Presenters cover what is meant by the word evidence – both within and beyond ESSA – as well as discuss strategies that practitioners can use to plan and monitor the effectiveness of professional learning. This was the fourth in a series of four advocacy webinars.

Speak Up for Title II: Outreach Strategies for Advocacy

Janice Poda, Jordan Hynes, Brian Moulton, and Ariel Cain (September 12, 2017)

Janice Poda and Ariel Cain of Learning Forward, Jordan Hynes of Senate HELP Committee, and Brian Moulton from the Office of Senator Tammy Baldwin (WI), offer insights and answer questions about which advocacy strategies work for maximum impact, how to build long term relationships with Members and their staff, how much is too much and how to engage your colleagues and community. This was the third in a series of four advocacy webinars.

Speak Up for Title II: Effective Story Telling
Allison Crean Davis, Jon Bernstein, Melinda George, and Frederick Brown (August 29, 2017)

Frederick Brown and Melinda George of Learning Forward, Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, and Allison Davis of Bellwether Education Partners, explore how to identify compelling data and share results and experiences in ways that resonate with policymakers. Presenters offer strategies for collecting evidence and showcased powerful real-world examples. This was the second in a series of four advocacy webinars.

Speak Up for Title II: Become a Professional Learning Advocate
Stephanie Hirsh, Melinda George, Janice Poda, and Jon Bernstein (August 15, 2017)

Stephanie Hirsh, Melinda George, and Janice Poda of Learning Forward and Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, build your skills to advocate for professional learning during this federal budget season and beyond. Our immediate advocacy priority is urging policymakers to restore Title IIA funding, which is the primary source of federal funds for professional learning. Presenters offer strategies and talking points to plan an effective conversation with policymakers. This was the first in a series of four advocacy webinars.

Teacher Team Learning
Stephanie Hirsh, Tanya Batzel, and Kellie Randall (June 20, 2017)

Stephanie Hirsh of Learning Forward and Tanya Batzel and Kellie Randall of Cherrycreek (Colorado) Schools look at a teacher-led cycle of continuous improvement. Based on Learning Forward’s newest book, Becoming a Learning Teamthis free webinar will explore a five-stage learning team cycle, touching on the steps essential to facilitating teacher team learning and problem solving. Take a look at the many practical tools and guidance offered through the book and hear the experiences of practitioners who use the stages to improve practice in their local contexts.

Deep Dive into Learning Systems Tools for Equity and Excellence
Stephanie Hirsh, Janice Poda, Melinda George, and Jess Wood
(April 24, 2017)

Learning Forward and EducationCounsel share tools and strategies from our online Toolkit to help states use ESSA to advance learning and improvement systems. Toolkit authors will highlight vision-setting protocols that can be used to help state and district leaders leverage professional learning as an essential strategy in building learning systems and overcoming systemic inequities and guaranteeing excellence for all. This webinar explores ideas for creating a vision and utilizing powerful tools to take action steps as states develop and implement consolidated plans and support districts. 

Using the SAI to Measure the Impact of Professional Learning

Steve Preston and Tom Manning (April 13, 2017)

Learning Forward’s Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI) is a valid and reliable 50-item survey that measures alignment of a school’s professional learning practices to the Standards for Professional Learning. This webinar will show you how schools, districts and states use the SAI to measure the impact of their professional learning, identify strengths and areas of priority, and drive their PD planning. Participants will view and analyze sample SAI data to see how the SAI can be a valuable first step in measuring and increasing the impact of professional learning.

This webinar will include:

  • An overview of the SAI and how it measures the impact of professional learning.
  • How the SAI aligns with the Standards for Professional Learning.
  • A look at SAI data and reports.
  • Examples of how schools, systems and states use the SAI.

Elevating Teacher Leadership
Amy Colton, Debbie Cooke, and Ann Delehant (Feb. 16, 2017)

Hosted by authors of Learning Forward’s report, A Systemic Approach to Elevating Teacher Leadership, this webinar provides an overview of a teacher leadership framework that promotes collaborative teaching practices that lead to increased student achievement. This webinar is for leaders or leadership teams interested in initiating, expanding or assessing and revising approaches to teacher leadership within schools or school systems. Learn the benefits of teacher leadership, the four components of a systemic approach to teacher leadership, and the actions schools and systems can take for teacher leadership to be a driver of improved teaching and learning. (Download slides.)

Advancing State Learning Systems Through ESSA
Stephanie Hirsh, Melinda George, and Jess Wood (Feb. 14, 2017)

Learning Forward and EducationCounsel showcase how state-level education stakeholders can leverage ESSA to build powerful learning systems for all educators and students. Such systems offer all learners the culture, structures, and supports for continuous improvement. This webinar explores what effective learning systems entail and why they matter; ESSA’s definition of professional development and how ESSA can support learning systems; ideas for using the local ESSA planning process to advance district learning systems; and powerful tools to use in taking next action steps as states develop consolidated plans and support district​​s. (Download slides.) (Download ESSA toolkits and resources.)


Powering Up Your PD!
Laurie Calvert, Kisha Dorch, Audra McPhillips, and Heather Hotchkiss. (Nov. 17)

Creating and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities
Stephanie Hirsh (Aug. 25)

Leading Districts for College and Career Readiness
Frederick Brown and Nikki Mouton (Aug. 30)

Differentiating the Flipped Classroom
Facilitated by Eric Carbaugh & Kristina Doubet (May 5)

How Can Supervisors Shape Effective Principals?
Brought to you by Learning Forward, AASA, and The Wallace Foundation (Apr. 26)

Creating Communities of Thought: Enhancing Social Capital
Facilitated by Laura Lipton and Bruce Wellman (Apr. 7)

Increasing Rigor to Meet Today's Standards
Facilitated by Toni Enloe (Mar. 3)

Resources to Support the Beyond PD Report
Facilitated by Joellen Killion (Feb. 10)

Engaging Students with Their Own Questions
Facilitated by Ryan Champeau (Feb. 4)

Transforming Professional Learning: Statewide District Collaboration
Facilitated by Ellen Hopkins and Jane Chadsey (Jan 28)

Beyond PD: Teacher Professional Learning in High-Performing Schools

Presented by Ben Jensen and Facilitated by Joellen Killion (Jan 21)

Drivers of Equitable Achievement in K-12 STEM Programs

Facilitated by Tyrone Blocker (Jan 14)


PARCC Assessments: Get It Right Campaign
Facilitated by Callie Riley (Nov 10)

Nonverbal Communication Skills to Positively Influence Classroom Behavior
Rachel Babbs and Krista Grinder-Dettloff (Nov 5)

Drive School Improvement With Principal Learning Teams
Kay Psencik and Wendy Robinson (Oct. 26)

Data-Driven Differentiation
Gayle Gregory (Oct 1)

Never Send a Human to Do a Machine's Job
Yong Zhao (Sept 22)

Watching Our Language: Word Choices During Coaching Conversations
Bethanie Pletcher (Sept 10) 

Courageous Leadership: Excellence Through Equity
Alan Blankstein and Pedro Noguera (May 14)

Assessment for Learning
Jan Chappuis (Apr 30)

From STEM to STEAM: Integrating the Arts
David Sousa and Tom Pilecki (Apr. 16)

Close and Critical Reading
Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey (Apr. 7)

Student Voice
Russ Quaglia and Michael Corso (Apr. 2)

Helping Adults Learn
Eleanor Drago-Severson and Pat Roy (Mar. 26)

Power of Observation
Tonya Ward Singer (March 19)

Being Generationally Savvy
Jennifer Abrams (Feb. 10)


PLCs and Coaching: A Powerful Connection
Steve Barkley (Nov. 13)

The Positive Power of Differences
Jane Kise (Nov. 6)

Powerful Designs: Collaborative Analysis of Student Learning
Lois Brown Easton, Amy Colton, & Georgea Langer (Oct. 30)

Powerful Designs: Instructional Rounds
Lois Brown Easton and Lee Teitel (Oct. 23)

Powerful Designs: Social Media in Professional Learning
Lois Brown Easton and Lyn Hilt (Oct. 16)

The Power of Teacher Rounds
Vivian Troen and Katherine Boles (Oct. 9)

The Principal Story Learning Guide

Frederick Brown and Tracy Crow (Oct. 2)

The Five Dimensions of Engaged Teaching

Vivian Elliott and Mark Wilding (Sept. 25)

Using Data in Professional Learning
Thomas Guskey and Patricia Roy (Sept. 18)

Becoming a Learning System
Stephanie Hirsh, Kay Psencik, & Frederick Brown (Sept. 4)