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  on topics including data-driven professional learning,
  implementing change, assessing the impact of professional
  learning, and much more.

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Spring 2016 Webinar Series

Differentiating the Flipped Classroom
Facilitated by Eric Carbaugh & Kristina Doubet (May 5)

How Can Supervisors Shape Effective Principals?
Brought to you by Learning Forward, AASA, and The Wallace Foundation (Apr. 26)

Creating Communities of Thought: Enhancing Social Capital
Facilitated by Laura Lipton and Bruce Wellman (Apr. 7)

Increasing Rigor to Meet Today's Standards
Facilitated by Toni Enloe (Mar. 3)

Resources to Support the Beyond PD Report
Facilitated by Joellen Killion (Feb. 10)

Engaging Students with Their Own Questions
Facilitated by Ryan Champeau (Feb. 4)

Transforming Professional Learning: Statewide District Collaboration
Facilitated by Ellen Hopkins and Jane Chadsey (Jan 28)

Beyond PD: Teacher Professional Learning in High-Performing Schools

Presented by Ben Jensen and Facilitated by Joellen Killion (Jan 21)

Drivers of Equitable Achievement in K-12 STEM Programs

Facilitated by Tyrone Blocker (Jan 14)

2015 Webinar Series

PARCC Assessments: Get It Right Campaign
Facilitated by Callie Riley (Nov 10)

Nonverbal Communication Skills to Positively Influence Classroom Behavior
Rachel Babbs and Krista Grinder-Dettloff (Nov 5)

Drive School Improvement With Principal Learning Teams
Kay Psencik and Wendy Robinson (Oct. 26)

Data-Driven Differentiation
Gayle Gregory (Oct 1)

Never Send a Human to Do a Machine's Job
Yong Zhao (Sept 22)

Watching Our Language: Word Choices During Coaching Conversations
Bethanie Pletcher (Sept 10) 

Courageous Leadership: Excellence Through Equity
Alan Blankstein and Pedro Noguera (May 14)

Assessment for Learning
Jan Chappuis (Apr 30)

From STEM to STEAM: Integrating the Arts
David Sousa and Tom Pilecki (Apr. 16)

Close and Critical Reading
Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey (Apr. 7)

Student Voice
Russ Quaglia and Michael Corso (Apr. 2)

Helping Adults Learn
Eleanor Drago-Severson and Pat Roy (Mar. 26)

Power of Observation
Tonya Ward Singer (March 19)

Being Generationally Savvy
Jennifer Abrams (Feb. 10)

2014 Webinar Series

PLCs and Coaching: A Powerful Connection
Steve Barkley (Nov. 13)

The Positive Power of Differences
Jane Kise (Nov. 6)

Powerful Designs: Collaborative Analysis of Student Learning
Lois Brown Easton, Amy Colton, & Georgea Langer (Oct. 30)

Powerful Designs: Instructional Rounds
Lois Brown Easton and Lee Teitel (Oct. 23)

Powerful Designs: Social Media in Professional Learning
Lois Brown Easton and Lyn Hilt (Oct. 16)

The Power of Teacher Rounds
Vivian Troen and Katherine Boles (Oct. 9)

The Principal Story Learning Guide

Frederick Brown and Tracy Crow (Oct. 2)

The Five Dimensions of Engaged Teaching

Vivian Elliott and Mark Wilding (Sept. 25)

Using Data in Professional Learning
Thomas Guskey and Patricia Roy (Sept. 18)

Becoming a Learning System
Stephanie Hirsh, Kay Psencik, & Frederick Brown (Sept. 4)

Spring 2014 Transforming Professional Learning Webinar Series

Conducting Policy Reviews - Stephanie Hirsh & Tom Manning (May 29)

Giving and Receiving Feedback
- Amy Colton & Victoria Duff  (May 22)

Monitoring Implementation of Professional Learning
- Mike Murphy (May 15)

Powerful Learning Designs
- Lois Brown Easton & Terry Morganti-Fisher (May 8)

Leading Change
- M. Rene Islas  (May 1)

Establishing Time for Professional Learning
- Stephanie Hirsh (April 24)

Working with Third-Party Providers
- Joellen Killion & Steve Preston (April 17)

Planning Professional Learning - Terry Morganti-Fisher & Linda Munger (April 10)

Comprehensive Prof. Learning Systems - Joellen Killion & Karen Kidwell (April 3)

Additional 2014 Webinars

Coaching Connections
Chris Bryan, Heather Clifton, & Cindy Harrison

Implementing Effective PLCs
Shirley Hord & Patricia Roy

2013 Webinars

Virtual Learning Communities
Sonja Hollins-Alexander
Improving Leadership and
Classroom Practices

Sonia Caus Gleason & Wendy Sauer
Implementing Change
Through Learning

Shirley Hord & James Roussin
The Power of Coaching
M. René Islas & Joellen Killion