Assessing the Impact of                   Professional Development

   Facilitated by Joellen Killion
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Learning Forward Senior Advisor Joellen Killion facilitates a discussion designed to help school and district leaders plan and conduct an evaluation of professional learning. Develop strategies to assess a professional development program for its degree of evaluability, and to construct an evaluation framework – including a program’s theory of change, logic model, evaluation questions, data sources, data collection methods, data analysis plan, timelines, and persons responsible -- that outlines a detailed plan for an evaluation.

As you watch this webinar, consider the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of assessing the impact of professional learning?
  • How do you construct a framework that outlines a detailed plan for evaluation?
  • How do you tie your professional learning objectives to measurable short-, medium- and long-term results for educators and students?

  Joellen Killion
is Senior Advisor for Learning Forward. As Deputy
  Executive Director of Learning Forward, she led a number of
  initiatives related to examining the link between professional
  development and student learning, and led the revision process for
  the new Standards for Professional Learning. She has extensive
  experience in professional development planning, design,
  implementation, and evaluation both at the school and system level.
  Her books include Assessing Impact: Evaluating Staff Development; Taking the Lead: New Roles for Teacher and School-based Coaches (with Cindy Harrison); The Learning Educator: A New Era in Professional Learning (with Stephanie Hirsh); and Becoming a Learning School (with Patricia Roy).