Academy Class of 2019

Learning Forward is pleased to welcome the newest members accepted into Learning Forward’s Academy Class of 2019, under the coaching direction of Anna Mary Smith and Syeda Woods.

  • Amanda Ball, Director for Teacher and Student Engagement, Texas
  • Elicia Bennett, Supervisor for Teacher Professional Learning and Growth, Florida
  • Zina Berman, Teacher/Trainer, Florida
  • Shannon Bogle, Supervisor for Teacher Training, Florida
  • Khechara Bradford, Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction, Texas
  • Glenna Bult, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Missouri
  • Marlene Cabrera, Instructional Supervisor, Florida
  • Tammy Chambers, Curriculum Coordinator, Texas
  • Lauren Chisholm, Curriculum Specialist, Washington DC
  • Sebastian Davis, Principal, Georgia
  • Julie Donohue, District Literacy Program Consultant, New Territories - Canada
  • Peter Ebert, Assistant Principal, Pennsylvania
  • Angelia Ebner, Professional Learning Director, Arizona
  • Ronnie Edwards, Principal, Texas
  • Sharonda Eley, Teacher Development & Professional Learning Ed. Associate, Maryland
  • Stephanie Espinosa, Executive Director for Curriculum & Staff Development, Texas
  • Charla Fields, Curriculum Support Teacher, Georgia
  • Tiffany Friesen, Senior Researcher, California
  • Jena Funck, Assistant Principal, Pennsylvania
  • Janine Garrison, Literacy Coach, New York
  • Anna Gawel, Elementary Assistant Principal, Pennsylvania
  • David Goldfarb, Principal, Virginia
  • Jamie Grieshaber, Positive Behavior Support Specialist, Missouri
  • Lori Hamada, Executive Director, California
  • Ashley Helms, Director for Professional Learning, Texas
  • Shelley Hueber, Elementary Principal, Illinois
  • Lindsay Kiraly, Coordinator of Professional Learning and Coaching Services, Illinois
  • Traci Landry, Director of Instructional Technology, Pennsylvania
  • Lezley Lewis, Executive Director of Professional Learning & Innovation, Texas
  • Berty Magana, New Teacher Induction Director, Texas
  • Tina Maksche, Area Coordinator, Missouri
  • Jill Maras, Principal, Illinois
  • Stephanie Marsh, Professional Learning Specialist, Florida
  • Michele Mason, Executive Director for Leadership Development, North Carolina
  • Martne McCoy, Principal, Illinois
  • Trisha Nikrandt, Director of Learning, Colombia
  • Sarah North, District Elementary Science Inquiry Coach, Colorado
  • Christie Olsen, Academic Instructional Coach, Arizona
  • Steve Pauls, Senior Science Researcher, California
  • Deborah Porcarelli, Director of Professional Learning, California
  • Diane Raude, Professional Development Specialist, Florida
  • Karen Ray, Director of Professional Learning & Advanced Academics, Texas
  • Jason Reifsnyder, Assistant Superintendent, Pennsylvania
  • Daniela Robles, Director of Teaching and Learning Arizona
  • Nadira Singh, Instructional Coach, Georgia
  • Erick Valentin, Middle School Principal, Pennsylvania
  • Pamela Voss, Supervisor for Teacher Professional Learning & Growth, Florida
  • Heidi Vratil, Professional Development Coach, Arizona
  • Laura Wade, Assistant Principal, Pennsylvania
  • Brian Waterman, Principal, Illinois
  • Terry Watlington, Assistant Superintendent, Georgia
  • Heather Wooldridge, Coordinator for College & Career Readiness, Maryland
  • Adam Wright, Math/Science Program Consultant, New Territories - Canada

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For questions, contact:
Kristin Buehrig
Senior Program Manager

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