Academy Class of 2018

Learning Forward is pleased to welcome the newest members accepted into Learning Forward’s Academy Class of 2018, under the coaching direction of Dawn Wilson and Ramona Coleman.

  • Katy Allamong, Professional Development Coach, California
  • Shawn Berry Clark, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, South Carolina
  • Daniel Bissonnette, Project Manager of Transforming Professional Learning, Washington
  • Hope Black, Technology Instructional Coordinator, Georgia
  • Cherry Boyles, Chief Academic Officer, Kentucky
  • Kimberly Brooks, Title 1 Manager, Indiana
  • James Buchanan, Deputy Associate Superintendent, Arizona
  • Kathy Carr, Director of Human Resources, Indiana
  • Janet Ciarrocca, Principal, New Jersey
  • Robin Cochran, Superintendent, Kentucky
  • Crystal Cooper Thompson, Principal, Georgia
  • Wendy Custable, Applied Arts Director, Illinois
  • Jeffrey Dillard, Professional Learning Faciitator, Georgia
  • Cynthia Dionne, ECE Training Specialist, California
  • Abbey Duggins, Assistant Principal for Instruction, South Carolina
  • Amy Dujon, Director of Leadership Development, Florida
  • Sandra Edwards, Principal, Florida
  • Milagros Gonzales, Executive Director, Florida
  • Brianna Gray, Professional Practice Coordinator, United Kingdom
  • Michael Griffin, Executive Director of Elementary Education, Texas
  • Karen Hall, Superintendent, Missouri
  • Kelly Hastings, Principal, Texas
  • Keri Heusdens, Teacher Consultant for Instructional Coaches & New Educator Induction, Wisconsin
  • Debbie Hickerson, 5th Grade Teacher/State Teacher Fellow, Tennessee
  • Chris Hissong, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary, Indiana
  • Anna Jackson, Executive Director, Texas
  • Michelle Jackson, Assistant Principal, Illinois
  • Joanna Johnson, Senior Coordinator of Professional Learning, Florida
  • Mary Klawitter, Elementary Principal, Wisconsin
  • Rachael Mann, Network to Transform Teaching Program Director, Arizona
  • Kestin Mattinson, Director of Training, Utah
  • Larissa McCoy Mitti, Assistant Principal for Curriculum, Florida
  • Kimberly Moody, Professional Development Specialist, Missouri
  • Heather Moran, Principal, New Jersey
  • Amy Lynn Mount, PK-12 Social Studies Coordinator, Texas
  • Tanna Nicely, Principal, Tennessee
  • Get Nichols, Assistant Superintendent, Indiana
  • Joseph O’Brien, Assistant Principal, Illinois
  • Tamarra Osborne, Early Childhood Content Expert, California
  • Deidre Parish, Director of Professional Learning, Texas
  • Isela Rodriguez, Teacher Trainer Education Specialist, Florida
  • Angie Rye, Chief Academic Officer, South Carolina
  • Emily Schwartz Keirns, ELL Manager, Indiana
  • Sara Slowbe, Teacher Leader, California
  • Tina Smith, New Teacher Induction Coordinator, Tennessee
  • Robyn Sullivan, Reading Coach, Florida
  • Shannon Terry, Director of Professional Learning, Texas
  • Andrea von Biberstein, Instructional Specialist, Georgia
  • Jeanette Westfall, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Staff Development, Missouri
  • Carrie Whittaker, Coordinator of Instructional Projects, Tennessee
  • Diane Wyatt, Manager of Professional Development, Florida
  • Whitney Young, Instructional Coach, Georgia
  • Gwen Zimmerman, Assistant Principal of Teaching & Learning, Illinois

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For questions, contact:
Kristin Buehrig
Senior Program Manager

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