Academy Class of 2017

Learning Forward is pleased to welcome the newest members accepted into Learning Forward’s Academy Class of 2017, under the coaching direction of DeNelle West and Adrienne Tedesco.

  • Jason Adams, Principal/Director of Elementary Literacy, Missouri
  • Teresa Anderson, Principal, Illinois
  • Carloyn Anderson, Principal, South Carolina
  • Tanya Batzel, Coordinator of Professional Learning, Colorado
  • Shannon Black, Director of Talent Management, Tennessee
  • Glenn Borthistle, Superintendent, Canada
  • Ankhe Bradley, Assistant Superintendent, Illinois
  • Jeff Brewster, Director of Human Resources Development, Wyoming
  • Susan Carmody, Principal, Arizona
  • Carmen Concepcion, Instructional Supervisor, Florida
  • Debbie Cook, Professional Development Director, Alabama
  • Angela Crawford, Director of Special Education, Georgia
  • Jennifer Dalrymple, Professional Development Coordinator, Illinois
  • Calandra Davis, Principal, South Carolina
  • Lizzette Farsinejad, Title III Education Specialist, Alabama
  • David Fayad, Director of Learning, Colombia
  • Rebecca Few, Instructional Coach, Tennessee
  • Anthony Gill, Principal, New York
  • Erin Herbruck, Director of Professional Learning, Ohio
  • Stacey Hicks, SEED Project Director, Arizona
  • Elizabeth Hodge, Director of Professional Learning, North Carolina
  • Leslie Holtkamp, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Texas
  • Ellen Hopkins, TPL Coordinator, Washington
  • Emily Horne, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Virginia
  • Terri Jenkins, Director, Georgia
  • Donna Ledford, Principal, Georgia
  • Malissa Martin, Instructional Literacy Coach, Texas
  • Melissa Michael McClelland, Instructional Coach, Georgia
  • Cathy Moore, Deputy Superintendent for Academic Advancement, North Carolina
  • Beth Mulvey, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Missouri
  • Susan Ormbrek, Teacher Evaluation, Washington
  • Kelly Ott, Director of Professional Learning, Kansas
  • Leslie Owens, Special Education Program Coordinator, Illinois
  • Sue Renehan, Education Specialist, Connecticut
  • Mark Savage, Principal, North Carolina
  • Joe Schroeder, Associate Executive Director, Wisconsin
  • Terri Seay, Instructional Coach, Georgia
  • Tammy Snively, Professional Learning Coordinator, Texas
  • Beth Spears, Director of Staff Development & Student Achievement, Oklahoma
  • Ruth Steidinger, Sr. Dir. of Academic Programs & Support, North Carolina
  • Molly Stovall, Director of English Learner Services, Tennessee
  • Janis Streich, Director of Growth & Innovation, Virginia
  • Ashleigh Van Thiel, Director of Talent Development, Illinois
  • Andrew Ward, Master Teacher Project Director, Arizona
  • Kelly Wessel, Curriculum Coordinator, Kansas
  • Audra Wheeler, Program Specialist of Professional Learning, Georgia
  • Rhonda Willis, Curriculum Coordinator, South Carolina

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Kristin Buehrig
Senior Program Manager

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