Nurturing new teachers

August 2022

New teachers have unique professional learning needs and challenges. When leaders address those needs, they start teachers on a path of ongoing career development. This issue examines how to build […]


The Learning Professional

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Don’t just prepare new teachers, nurture them

Too often, new teachers are expected to go it alone. We can do better.

To make a difference for every student, give every new teacher a mentor

Learning Forward’s mentoring approach helps all teachers develop the skills and habits to be instructional leaders.

A network of support for new teachers

Meet Jordan, a first year math teacher, and all the educators surrounding her to provide comprehensive support.

3 strategies to upgrade your mentoring program for new teachers 

District and school leaders can use these strategies, along with reflection questions, to strengthen support for new teachers.

To support new teachers of color, build communities, not committees

Novice teachers of color in Wisconsin find support through a project that partners them with veteran teachers.

COVID-19 reshaped new teacher induction — for the better

Pandemic adaptations in Greece Central School District in New York have increased new teacher support and retention.

With grow-your-own programs, new teachers find job-embedded support

Miami-Dade County Public Schools tailors adult learning to each grow-your-own pathway to ensure emerging teachers are nurtured and supported.

For small districts, a regional network holds the key to new teacher support

The Novice Teacher Academy, a regional community of practice in Virginia, takes a collaborative approach to supporting new teachers from small districts.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Do alternatively certified teachers need different supports?

The landscape of teacher preparation has changed, and so should onboarding and support for new teachers.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: New pathways to teaching break down barriers 

A Colorado program encourages underrepresented high school students and staff to become teachers in the district.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Mentors give new teachers a sense of belonging

Networked improvement communities build a culture of belonging and connection for new teachers.


Action steps for implementing Standards for Professional Learning

All educators can advocate for standards adoption and policy. Plan your next step with this tool.

Through the lens

How this issue’s articles can help you understand and apply the Standards for Professional Learning.


What do YOU need to learn from ME?

Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, a keynote speaker at this year’s Annual Conference, explains why she’s flipping the script.

Plan, but be prepared to pivot

Districts across the U.S. have learned lessons from the pandemic that we can all apply to accelerate learning going forward.

No principal is an island

Leaders need a solid base of support, and new reports demonstrate how partnerships provide it.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: 5 reasons we will always be educators 

Veteran educators’ advice encourages teachers to stay for the long term.


Study explores mentoring’s connection to new teacher retention 

To keep teachers in the field, the content and frequency of mentoring interactions matter, recent studies show.

Data points 

The latest on coaching cycles, feedback, instructionally-focused professional learning, and more.


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