Host committee project benefits the Little Bit Foundation

By Learning Forward
December 2019
Vol. 40, No. 6

Each year, the local host committee of the Learning Forward Annual Conference selects a philanthropic project and invites the entire Learning Forward community to contribute. The project benefits a community in need located in the area of the conference’s host city or state. This year, the St. Louis 2019 Host Committee has selected the Little Bit Foundation.

The Little Bit Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to breaking down barriers to learning for students living in poverty through partnerships and programs that serve the needs of the whole child. The foundation’s goal is to empower students to achieve their academic goals and dreams for the future, while leaving an imprint of love and hope on young lives for whom a little bit means a lot. The goal and the work of the organization align with Learning Forward’s vision of equity and excellence in teaching and learning.

Since 2001, the Little Bit Foundation has partnered with St. Louis area schools and community organizations to provide after-school meals for students, access to medical screenings and mental health support, and instruction in personal and dental hygiene care.

In addition, the Little Bit Foundation provides academic enrichment supports that focus on literacy and STEM. Through the 1 2 3 READ! program, students are able to access appropriate texts for at-home reading. Through the mySci Do partnership with Washington University and Maryville University, students engage in project-based STEM learning.

Throughout the 2019 Learning Forward conference, participants can stop by the St. Louis Hospitality Table to learn more about the Little Bit Foundation and make donations. Every little bit can help our collective goal of achieving equity and excellence for every child.

Learn more about the Little Bit Foundation at www.thelittlebitfoundation.org.


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