December 2019
Vol. 40, No. 6

Coaching can transform teaching, and therefore student learning. What makes coaching work? This issue is full of information on best practices, new research, and expert insights for everyone who works in, around, and in support of instructional coaching.


The Learning Professional

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 Accentuate the positive

Done right, using video as a coaching tool can motivate teachers to improve their skills.

To put it simply, coaching works

Authors explain how to make the most of coaching and illustrate the benefits with data.

 How coaching takes root

Implementation science shows that three key factors lead to successful coaching.

 On the path to 'becoming'

Awareness of their own mental models can help coaches stretch and grow.

Students on the margins

Coaching needs to address student engagement as well as achievement.

 A window into teaching

Robert Pianta discusses the evidence-based coaching model MyTeachingPartner.

 Coaching for equity

Disrupt and transform practices that reveal implicit and explicit biases.

 Toolbox for SEL

Coaching builds teachers’ social and emotional strategies.

 Bright and early

The quality of Los Angeles early childhood programs improved with coaching support.

 The power of coaching in Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne Community Schools shows the role coaching can play in an intentional learning system.

A dashboard view of coaching

A digital daily coaching log zooms in on NYC coaches’ daily activities.

 Steps to self-reliance

Coaching with the focused reflection process strengthens math students’ confidence.

 Bridging the distance

One-on-one video coaching supports rural teachers.

Instructional coaching: By the numbers

Infographic answers the questions: How prevalent are coaches and how do they spend their time?


 Coach as classroom supporter

Protocol guides coaches conducting demonstration lessons.

Through the lens

Examine coaching through the lens of the Standards for Professional Learning.


 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: A continuum of coaching supports

Modeling and co-teaching aren’t mutually exclusive.

 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Coaching community applies improvement science

The Vermont Instructional Coaching Community focuses on School Improvement Plans.

 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: With peer visits, teachers see for themselves how to improve practice

With peer visits, teachers see for themselves how to make change.


 Study pinpoints success factors when teachers learn from peers

CA initiative helps us know how to support teacher-led professional learning.


The latest research on new teacher mentoring, principals’ readiness to lead Pre-K, effects of supervising a student teacher, and more.


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