House funding bill eliminates essential support for educators

By Stephanie Hirsh
August 2017
Vol. 38 No. 4

House funding bill eliminates essential support for educators

Stephanie Hirsh, executive director of Learning Forward, issued the following statement about the recent bill outlining education funding from the Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives.

I am outraged that our elected representatives would fail to listen to their constituents, who have shared for months how important Title II investments are for students. The loss of these funds will have a devastating impact in schools.

Title II is critical to ensuring we have high-quality teachers and leaders prepared to help our most vulnerable students meet high expectations. Congress passed ESSA with a vision for public education that ensures equity and excellence for all students. Educators need sustained, classroom-focused professional development as redefined in ESSA to achieve that vision. Without Title II funds, the achievement gaps will increase and the teacher shortage will become more pronounced.

Our stakeholders believed Congress shared a commitment to all students experiencing great teaching every day. This bill calls into question that commitment to children, their families, and our communities.

Learning Forward will continue to work hand in hand with educators in schools to demonstrate the necessity of ongoing support for the sake of the children they teach. We ask all stakeholders committed to meaningful teaching and learning to contact their members of Congress to share input on the budget and stress the vital importance of full funding of the Title II program to achieve excellence and equity in our public schools.

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