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A New Vision For Professional Learning: A Toolkit to Help
  States Use ESSA to Advance Learning and Improvement
This toolkit helps leaders leverage professional learning as
  an essential tool in overcoming systemic inequities and guaranteeing
  excellence for all.

A4L Cover  Agents for Learning Toolkit: A Guide to Amplifying Teacher
Voice and Stakeholder Engagement. This toolkit suggests ways
  to cultivate teacher voice and agency in policy decisions and the
  implementation of professional learning.

Additional Resources

Leveraging the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to Build Professional Learning Systems. This document provides an analysis of opportunities in ESSA for states to assist their organization and their school systems to build and strengthen such learning systems.

Blog: Put Professional Learning Front and Center in ESSA Plans. ESSA provides a powerful opportunity for states to rethink their learning systems to advance a coherent vision of continuous learning and improvement.

Blog: Leverage Professional Learning Wins in ESSA for Better Learning Systems. Vigilance is key to ensuring that our powerful vision of professional learning becomes reality.