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Taking action

Learning Forward members and allies advocate for ESSA’s Title II funds for leadership and professional learning, which are in danger of being eliminated. The programs funded through Title II significantly impact teachers, school leaders, principals, and the students they serve. 

Two one-pagers outline the current critical issues: 

Four ways you can make a difference

webinar-icon1. Join Learning Forward for Critical Advocacy Updates
Learning Forward hosts a series of advocacy webinars. See upcoming webinars here and view past webinars here.  


e-letter2. Send an email to your members of Congress
Use this sample email to members of Congress to voice your support for Title IIA . Use this sample email to members of Congress to voice your support for raising the spending caps.

Twitter-icon3. Tweet #TitleIIA @[Senators and Reps]

Here are some sample tweets you can use:

  • The quality of teaching and leadership in schools are the two most significant in-school factors tied to student achievement. #TitleIIA
  • #TitleIIA supports increased student academic achievement by promoting strategies that will positively affect educator effectiveness.
  • Fund #TitleIIA, it is critical for school leaders and principals to do their jobs effectively, cuts threaten this ability
  • Millions of school leaders depend on #TitleIIA to improve schools and instruction in the classroom, fully fund #TitleIIA
  • #ESSA allows states to use 3% of #TitleIIA funds for PD for principals, cutting decreases the chances to seize this opportunity 

phone-icon4. Call your members in Congress
Unsure who your Representative is? – Visit the Find Your Representative tool. Unsure what to say? - Here is a script you can use when speaking to staff member of the office. Also, we have several talking points here, if you would like to craft your own script. 

  • I am a [insert title and organizational affiliation] and I am calling to urge Senator/Representative[insert name here] to restore cuts made to Title II, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This act provides funds for professional learning and support for educators, principals and school leaders. It also provides critical funding to states for the purposes of preparing, training, recruiting, and retaining high-quality teachers, principals, assistant principals, and other school leaders.
  • I am extremely concerned about the deep cuts made to Title II, Part A and believe this will severely disrupt many states’ (including ours!) ESSA implementation plans, and hamper our efforts to increase student achievement.
  • [Your state's] teachers must be supported in order to ensure that our students have high-quality learning experiences in order to be college and career ready. Teachers and principals must be afforded the necessary opportunities for professional learning and growth as they work to improve teaching and learning in all schools. 
  • I urge Senator/Representative [insert name] to restore Title II, Part A funding.