Leverage ESSA to improve professional learning in your district

By Stephanie Hirsh | September 27, 2016

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) influences how districts plan and allocate resources, so here is Learning Forward’s view on the implications for professional learning.

4 ways to feed your conference learning needs

By Roderick Allen | September 13, 2016

As a Superintendent / CEO of a school district, I am a classic omnivore. My professional learning needs to reflect that. In my role, I am expected to know at least something about everything and everything (or at least a lot) about some things.

Conference learning: Valuable for principals?

By Ashley Talley | September 12, 2016

I normally walk away from the conclusion of conferences feeling one of two ways: 1. I’ve lost time in my building and gained little to nothing in return; or 2. I feel inspired, refreshed, and sometimes overwhelmed.

The Schoolhouse Rocks: Academy School-Based Innovation

By Heather Lageman | September 12, 2016

This year’s winner of the Foundation’s School-Based Academy Scholarship is Andrea von Biberstein, who plans to use the experience to facilitate growth-oriented teacher collaboration and evaluate professional learning outcomes.

Tips for central office leaders to get the most from conference

By Valeria Brown | September 7, 2016

Valeria Brown offers tips for central office leaders to connect with other people who push and refine your thinking around the most pressing issues for educators and students.

5 reasons our Annual Conference is a unique learning opportunity

By Stephanie Hirsh | August 16, 2016

Executive Director Stephanie Hirsh offers five reasons why Learning Forward’s Annual Conference, in Vancouver this year, is a unique learning opportunity worth traveling across the border to attend.

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