Standards for Professional Learning

True confession from former school principals

By Susan Silva | April 27, 2017

Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning focus on a cycle of continuous improvement. Read from former principals Susan Silva and Stephanie McBride as they share their transformation to more effective professional learning with the help of our organization.

2 resolutions to demand better professional learning for all

By Stephanie Hirsh | January 9, 2017

This year, Stephanie Hirsh has made New Year’s resolutions focused on smart demand, that is, helping educators ask for what they deserve and helping districts and states increase the supply of high-quality professional learning. Read more about the two resolutions in this article.

Award winners exemplify the Standards for Professional Learning

By Stephanie Hirsh | December 14, 2016

Stephanie Hirsh writes about “the Learnies”, accolades she and John Eyolfson awarded. Read more about the school systems and organizations that were recognized in seven Learnies, one for each of the seven Standards for Professional Learning

Senate’s version of ESEA affirms professional learning principles

By Stephanie Hirsh | August 1, 2015

Learning Forward’s advocacy efforts on behalf of the reauthorization of ESEA have concentrated solely on professional development. If you’ve had a chance to comb through the bill, which just passed with an 81-17 vote in the Senate late last week, you may have noticed that the words “professional development” appear several times in relation to a wide range of federal and school improvement initiatives.

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