The Academy model: A Q&A with graduates

By Learning Forward | January 25, 2017

Establishing problems of practice, coaching, and engaging in face-to-face networking can have a huge impact on any professional learning program. See how these strategies have contributed to transforming the practice of two graduates of Learning Forward’s Academy.

10 strategies to develop teacher agency in 2017

By Dawn Wilson | January 6, 2017

Teacher agency is fundamental to effective professional learning. Read how Dawn Wilson gained inspiration from a retiring educator’s comments about the ineffectiveness of much professional development.

Turn Your Networking Into Powerful Professional Learning

By Stephanie Hirsh | October 10, 2016

Executive Director Stephanie Hirsh shares the importance of networking and the ways to make these interactions most effective to you in your role.

What We Say And What We Mean

By Tracy Crow | October 4, 2016

Director of Communications Tracy Crow explains how collaboration, communities, networks, and time for learning are only useful when learners employ them with purpose and are most likely to lead to change with sustained support and effort.

Intentional connection and community within the Annual Conference

By Frederick Brown | May 25, 2016

Have you ever been in a room full of people and felt completely alone? I’ve actually experienced that feeling during several conferences I’ve attended throughout my career. I remember walking into the receptions, plenary sessions, and even small concurrent sessions without knowing a soul and then exiting without having a conversation with anyone.

Leverage the power of collaborative expertise

By Stephanie Hirsh | December 3, 2015

Stephanie Hirsh examines how two recent reports from researcher John Hattie relate to the Learning Communities standard, which states that effective professional learning leads to improved student learning when all educators learn collaboratively as they commit to collective responsibility and continuous improvement.

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