Oath of Office

Board of Trustees Oath of Office

As a board member, I will:

  • Fulfill my roles and responsibilities as delineated in Board Policies;
  • Adhere to Board of Trustees norms during board meetings;
  • Support the executive director in his/her executive role;
  • Respect and support the Bylaws, Policies, Operations, and Board decisions;
  • Conduct myself in a spirit of collegiality and respect for the collective decisions of the Board and subordinate my personal issues to the best interests of Learning Forward;
  • Honor confidentiality regarding discussions, comments, and deliberations; and
  • Exercise the above responsibilities at all times and with due diligence, care, and skill in a reasonable and prudent manner.

Removal from the Board:

  • Substantial breach of any part of this oath may result in my removal from the Learning Forward Board of Trustees.
  • I will immediately resign my position as Board Trustee in the event that I, or my colleagues on the Board, have concluded that I have breached my Oath of Office.
  • Should I resign from the Board, I will inform the President in advance in writing, stating my reasons for resigning. Additionally, I will participate in an exit interview with the President prior to my resignation.