Board Meeting Norms

Board Meeting Norms

I will base my decisions on the Learning Forward vision and mission.

  • I will maintain commitment to our common vision.

I will listen, engage, and hold myself responsible for examining all points of view.

  • I will feel free to ask questions.
  • I will have respect for operations and maintain openness.
  • I will remain open to outcomes.

I will use humor, as appropriate.

  • I will be flexible as the process unfolds.

I will air all disagreements during the meeting.

  • I will adhere to transparency and confidentiality of the process.
  • I will be inclusive of all opinions/thoughts/multiple perspectives.
  • I have an obligation to express concerns, dissent when I feel it necessary, and challenge the ideas but not the person voicing them.

I will work in community to seek consensus.

  • I will trust in the process and be patient.
  • I will commit to the diligent execution of the plan.
  • I will agree to consensus through commitment, enthusiasm and unification to the decisions made.

I will be fully present during the meetings.

  • I commit to measure progress.
  • I will sustain regular board norms throughout the process.
  • I will participate in and support substantive conversations.

Consensus represents a decision made by all trustees that is unified, committed and enthusiastic.