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Great Plan, Disappointing Results: Managing Implementation Is Critical

We look at an overview of coach roles, time allocation, weekly lesson planning, and administrator-coach partnerships.

We look at the five-stage learning team cycle for collaborative learning discussed in Becoming a Learning Team, and go in-depth on the first stage: analyzing data.

 Practitioners share their video club design and insights and we provide tools teachers can use to engage productively in club sessions.

 Pull together: Engage all stakeholders for project success.

 Explore best-practice takeaways for professional learning.

 Explore how teams use a learning cycle to improve practice.

Connected classrooms: Teacher teams use protocols to observe and improve practice.
Build skills to create a new vision for professional learning
Teacher-coach relationships: An excerpt from Coaching Matters
Professional learning as a creative process: A new learning map for differentiation
Build a culture that nurtures productive conflict
Celebrate professional transitions and successes to drive and sustain implementation

 How to evaluate professional learning policies: Match policy to practice for standards implementation

Introducing the Standards for Professional Learning
Research-based practices forge strong family and community partnerships
The why, how, and what of professional learning