Corwin and Learning Forward Forge Strategic Alliance

Nov 01, 2012


Contact: Tracy Crow

Corwin and Learning Forward Forge Strategic Alliance

Los Angeles, CA—September 27, 2012—Corwin and Learning Forward, two organizations that share the same mission of increasing student achievement through more effective professional learning, have forged a strategic alliance to work together on a multitude of professional learning initiatives.

As the premier publisher of professional books for K-12 educators, Corwin has had a long-standing relationship with Learning Forward, including sponsorship of Learning Forward’s summer and winter conferences, support for the Learning Forward Academy, help establishing the Shirley Hord Learning Team Award, and jointly publishing more than three dozen professional books for educators. The new alliance opens the door to more joint ventures, such as a book series, webinars, workshops, institutes and international expansion.

“Corwin’s core strength is in the high-quality content and top authors who publish their best ideas with us. Learning Forward’s strength is in setting the standards for professional learning that improves teaching and increases student achievement. Since we share the common goal of more and better professional development for all educators, it makes sense to deepen our collaboration,” said Mike Soules, President of Corwin.

Through the strategic alliance, Learning Forward will co-publish several professional books per year for K-12 educators with Corwin. The first titles under the agreement—High-Impact Instruction by Jim Knight, Motion Leadership in Action by Michael Fullan, and School Systems That Learn by Paul B. Ash and John D’Auria—will be released in November. The agreement also includes a seven-volume book series that will unpack how educators can achieve each of Learning Forward’s seven Standards for Professional Learning. The first books in the series are slated for 2013. Learning Forward will also have access to Corwin’s roster of authors and experts for presentations and keynote addresses at their summer and winter conferences.

“Learning Forward is excited to extend our reach to the educators who already connect to Corwin for the latest practical resources in school improvement,” said Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director of Learning Forward. “We appreciate the ways in which our strategic alliance with Corwin will expand how we are able to serve members and the field,” said Hirsh.

Corwin will continue sponsoring the Learning Forward summer and winter conferences, the Shirley Hord Learning Team Award, and the Learning Forward Academy under the agreement. In addition, Corwin will be able to extend its professional development services for educators with webinars developed in association with Learning Forward. The two organizations will also explore joint workshops and institutes.

“The alliance strengthens our ability to offer Corwin’s content in a variety of formats,” said Soules. “Now educators can deepen their learning from Corwin books through professional learning opportunities designed by the organization that defines quality professional learning. The value of this cooperative relationship for educators is tremendous.”


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Corwin, a SAGE company, was established in 1990 to provide solutions for PreK–12 educators. Corwin produces books and multimedia resources that range from very practical, experience-based resources to more reflective or research-based titles, and are written for a diverse set of professionals—principals, administrators, specialists, teachers, counselors, consultants, teacher educators, and collegiate-level students.

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