Stephanie Hirsh

Learning Forward Executive Director

Dr. Stephanie Hirsh is executive director of Learning Forward. Learning Forward’s more than 10,000 members and 40 state and provincial affiliates are committed to excellence in teaching and learning for all educators and students. Before her appointment as executive director, Hirsh served the association as deputy executive director. She began her career as a secondary teacher and later served as a school district administrator in the Richardson (Texas) Independent School District. In 1996 she was elected to the Richardson school board and served for three terms. Hirsh presents, writes, and consults on Learning Forward’s behalf across North America. Her most recent books include Becoming a Learning System, co-authored with Frederick Brown and Kay Psencik and A School Board Guide to Leading Successful Schools, coauthored with Anne Foster. Hirsh advises policy makers and practitioners at all levels on improving student achievement and educator effectiveness through implementation of high quality systems of professional learning.

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Integrating social and emotional learning should be standard practice

As more practitioners and researchers recognize the importance of addressing students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools, we can’t leave to chance the professional learning needed to

By Stephanie Hirsh        August 01 2018

Let’s embrace what high-quality curriculum can do for all students

I remember how excited I was to begin my teaching career. My principal handed me my keys, my textbook teacher’s edition, and the district curriculum guide. I spent hours imagining how I would transf

By Stephanie Hirsh        June 01 2018

What It Takes To Make A Great Start

One of the most frequent questions I have been asked over the years is: What are the essential conditions for launching a new initiative? Often what people want to know is whether they should kick off

By Stephanie Hirsh        April 01 2018