Sharron Helmke

Sharron Helmke is the Acting Vice President for Professional Services at Learning Forward. She is a professional certified coach with the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Gestalt Professional Coach. She is the author of the recurring “Coaches Corner” feature in The Learning Professional. Sharron formerly served as senior consultant for Learning Forward, leading our Coaches’ Academies and supporting schools, districts, and regional organizations in the implementation of instructional coaching programs, mentoring, and teacher leadership development. She also serves as a content development consultant, supporting the design of Learning Forward’s virtual offerings and customized professional learning, including the ELA Mentor Coaching and the Content Coaching programs.



Previously, Sharron served as a classroom teacher, campus based instructional coach, ELA program coordinator, and coordinator of instructional coaching. She holds a doctorate in transformational change for societal impact and her published research focuses on shared leadership for instructional improvement.

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Show yourself that what you do makes a difference

By Sharron Helmke | August 1, 2021

Show yourself that what you do makes a difference.

No more random acts of professional learning

By Frederick Brown and Sharron Helmke | August 1, 2021

As schools seek to heal their communities after more than a year of disruption, professional learning is key to ensuring that educators at every level have the knowledge and capacity to meet students’ and staff members’ needs. It may be tempting to address the list of needs one at a time, from academic catch-up to […]

To coach for equity, start by looking within

By Sharron Helmke | June 1, 2021

As coaches, we spend our days actively supporting the professional growth of others, but we’re also tasked with modeling lifelong learning through our own continued inquiry and reflection. Nowhere is this more important than when it comes to antiracism. But knowing where or how to start can feel overwhelming. In my own journey as a […]

The keys to coaching outside your expertise

By Sharron Helmke | April 1, 2021

The keys to coaching outside your expertise

Support teachers or challenge them? We can do both

By Sharron Helmke | February 1, 2021

Traditionally we welcome each new year as a fresh start, and many of us looked forward to 2021 with that same sense of hope, albeit more guarded than usual. Then, the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6 brought us yet another example of the fragility of things we often take for granted. Many of […]

Coaching and mentoring in a virtual world: What to keep and what to change

By Elvira Pichardo-Delacour, Leighann Fields, Sharron Helmke and Stacey Jones | January 28, 2021

Join us for this important webinar as instructional coaches and mentors share how their practice has amplified and changed and what they are looking forward to keeping and changing going forward.