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Send the message that learning is for leaders, too

By Scott Laurence | July 20, 2017

Good professional learning is not only important for teachers, it’s also vital for principals and assistant principals.

Bring stakeholders on board by gathering multiple measures of success

By Scott Laurence | May 18, 2017

Measuring the impact of professional learning is of paramount importance. Read from author Scott Laurence about his journey as a superintendent to achieve effective professional learning, and how he measured his successes along the way.

Recognize the hard work of professionals

By Scott Laurence | March 15, 2017

The incoming board president of Learning Forward, Scott Laurence, shares his background in this article. From baseball coach to teacher to administrator and more, he has a wealth of professional experience. That experience will be put to work immediately working with The Learning Professional, the magazine that will replace the JSD.