Sara Monaco

Sara Monaco is the assistant superintendent for Smithfield Public Schools in Rhode Island. The Office of Curriculum and Instruction oversees curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional learning in Smithfield. The assistant superintendent, in collaboration with principals and educators, leads the district’s curriculum development in alignment with the state’s approved standards. An important piece of the curriculum development cycle is the adoption of high-quality instructional materials and programs that are aligned to standards and encourage best practices in instruction. Once these programs are adopted, this office ensures that teachers and staff receive ongoing professional learning focused on implementation in order to impact student learning. In addition, this office is responsible for the development and maintenance of a comprehensive assessment system that allows educators to closely monitor students’ progress.

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Collecting evidence to share impact of professional learning: Districts share their stories

By Chad Sutton, Godfrey Rangasammy, Sara Monaco and Scott Feder | February 19, 2020

Professional learning is the key to increased student outcomes. As school districts design professional learning, it is critical to consider the specific challenge you are working to address, the professional learning interventions you will employ, and to carefully plan for how you will measure the impact of those interventions so as to know whether to […]