Pedro Dones

Pedro Dones is a middle school mathematics teacher and teacher leader at the Academy for Personal Leadership and Excellence in the Bronx. Teaching in the same Bronx district where he attended school, Dones has a unique ability to relate to his students. During remote learning, Dones encouraged colleagues to have a mindset centered on empathy, compassion, and be creative in their efforts to reach students. He created a YouTube channel where his students can access math tutorials, which also allows him to maintain his connection with students, particularly by incorporating his wrestling alter ego, “The BIG Action,” into lessons. Dones was recognized as a New York City Department of Education 2020 Big Apple award recipient for his work during the pandemic school year, and has since been featured in such media publications as the Washington Post, CCN, and Time Magazine.

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Breaking down the school walls – tech in and tech out

By Pedro Dones, Marcie Ebright and David Timbs | October 28, 2021

This webinar will highlight the next phase of learning that is possible, particularly with the technology supports and attitudes now in place. Panelists will share supports and strategies being utilized to create the conditions for student success.

Reopening schools – what does hybrid mean?

By Pedro Dones, Robert Lamkin, Mark McHugh and Emanuelle Sippy | August 6, 2020

Hear from district and school-based leaders about what the hybrid schedule might entail, how they will engage and meet the needs of students, how they are keeping parents informed, and how the last quarter of the last school year is informing this year’s start.