Paul Katnik

Paul Katnik is the assistant commissioner of the Office of Educator Quality. Katnik has been in education for over three decades working with children of all ages, K-12, as both a teacher and a building principal. He has served at the Department of Education for over ten years, and has been instrumental in coordinating the state model Educator Evaluation System, revising teacher and leader preparation programs, developing the state’s Educator Equity Plan, and creating the Missouri Leadership Development System.

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Virtual Advocacy Day: Skills, strategies, and motivation for making the case for professional learning

By Frederick Brown, Segun Eubanks, Paul Katnik, Barbara Patterson Oden, Melinda George and Jon Bernstein | September 14, 2022

This workshop includes advocacy strategies and tips that are applicable to any advocacy effort. Watch the recording to hone your skills, build confidence, and get excited about being an advocate.

How Learning Forward’s new Standards for Professional Learning intersect with Federal education policy

By Maria Hyler, Paul Katnik, Jessica Kazigian, Nader Twal, Melinda George and Paul Fleming | April 27, 2022

This special briefing will focus on how the revised standards can and should strengthen federal education policy and investment around professional learning.