Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson is in her eighth year of service to the School District U-46 community.  In the position of coordinator of assessment and accountability, she has had the fortune of doing what true coordinators have the privilege of doing; bringing together resources that have developed consciousness, building relationships throughout the community, creating a culture of responsiveness, and ultimately developing systems for improvement at both the school and central office level for meaningful and equitable outcomes for students from all background, current conditions, and future ambitions. Those are just a few reasons she enjoys working in public education. Being a member of Learning Forward has provided her ample opportunities to stretch her thinking, engage in mindful and heartful discussions and learning, and to develop positive and uplifting relationships with other educators. Lisa has been waiting for this conference for over a year, and knows that it will be more than worth the wait.

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How to make your virtual conference your reality conference

By Lisa Jackson | October 22, 2020

Attending a Learning Forward conference, or almost any conference, is a perfect way to engage in focused learning; you get away from the office, your family, and oftentimes your city or state. This allows you to leave most of the cares, concerns, and distractions of your everyday life behind. There is something about making and securing your […]