Kristine James

Kristine James is a K-6 instructional coach at Mission Crest Elementary School in the Hesperia Unified School District. This is her third year as a coach at this school. Before moving into coaching, James worked as a primary grade teacher at Mission Crest and in a hybrid charter school that offered a short seat time program combined with independent study. This former experience really helped her navigate and support teachers during pandemic learning. She has been working and learning with Learning Forward for the past three years and looks forward to using this instruction to help teachers focus on accelerating learning as we continue with pandemic teaching and as we move forward to our next normal.

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Conversation starters help teachers get unstuck

By Kristine James | February 1, 2022

A tool for helping overwhelmed teachers, inspired by a webinar on coaching during COVID.

Coaching during “other duties as assigned”

By Heather Clifton, Andrea Gautney, Kristine James and Carla Schmidt | December 16, 2021

Join us for this informative and practical webinar to hear from coaches who have found ways to cope, manage, and even thrive while coaching during “other duties as assigned.”