Kiri Soares

Kiri Soares is the principal of the Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women. The mission of UA Institute is to empower young women to become the STEM leaders of the future, leveraging their voice & communities to dismantle existing barriers to those careers for women and women of color. Over her 24 year career in NYC public schools, Soares' north star has always been providing students with high quality challenging learning experiences and nurturing, supportive environments in which students feel safe, held, and pushed to achieve. After leading her entire community through a year and a half of pandemic learning, Soares is looking forward to first, some rest, and then engaging in the invigorating work of re-envisioning how school can center the joy of learning, the curiosity and emotional health of students, and build the social justice and sense of responsibility that will propel UAI future alumni to bring the change the world needs.

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Strategies for summer: How to support students and families

By Kiri Soares, Marsha Derice, Lisa White and Jackie DuPont | May 20, 2021

After a year of isolation and trauma, we’re all placing a lot of expectations on this summer. How can educators support students’ needs in a balanced way over the summer? During this webinar, district leaders and youth development experts will share how they are approaching summer learning and enrichment this year.