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Julie Donohue-Kpolugbo

Julie Donohue-Kpolugbo currently serves as the district literacy consultant and instructional coach coordinator for the Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council, although small in population, serves a geographic area similar in size to New Zealand with multiple fly-in only communities. This unique context is a major factor in designing coaching practice that generates impact on student achievement. Ongoing development, implementation, and support of the Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council coaching program is currently one of Donohue-Kpolugbo’s main areas of focus. Over the last 20 years, Donohue-Kpolugbo has worked in a variety of locations in North America, South America, and Africa serving in varying capacities including classroom teacher, instructional leader, program support teacher, coach, and literacy consultant. Most recently, Donohue-Kpolugbo graduated as a member of the Learning Forward Academy Class of 2019.

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