Joellen Killion

Joellen Killion (joellen.killion@learningforward.org) is senior advisor to Learning Forward. In each issue of JSD, Killion explores a recent research study to help practitioners understand the impact of particular professional learning practices on student outcomes.

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Research Review

At a glance Intensive professional learning for teachers and principals who support and monitor professional learning positively impacts teacher classroom practice and student achievement in

By Joellen Killion        February 01 2017

Lessons From Research

What the Study Says When district and school administrators and other key leaders engage together in instructional rounds within schools, they develop social networks that assume characteris

By Joellen Killion        December 01 2016

Lessons From Research

What the Study Says University faculty led a three-year teacher professional development initiative to integrate technology into instruction in two rural, high-poverty middle schools in the

By Joellen Killion        August 01 2016