Joellen Killion

Joellen Killion is a senior advisor to Learning Forward and previously served as the organization’s deputy executive director. She supports school systems, schools, regional, state, and national agencies within the U.S. and abroad as a consultant and learning facilitator. Killion has over 30 years of experience in planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of professional learning at the school, system, and state/provincial levels.

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Help your coaching program achieve its potential

By Joellen Killion | October 1, 2020

While coaching programs have expanded and become a common approach to continuous learning for strengthening professional practice and student success, their infrastructures still need work. For coaching to deeply transform practice and push through to results for students, school system leaders must build, remodel, and maintain a foundation that ensures coaching will succeed. In the […]

Professional learning while hunkering down

By Joellen Killion | June 4, 2020

Educators today have a heightened sense of urgency and stress during this unusual time. While they first worry about their own family and loved ones, they next worry about their students’ social, emotional, and academic well-being and success. Educators, like other adults, are asking questions about their lives, social interactions, and work and they seek […]

Learning from coaches: End strong, begin stronger!

By Joellen Killion, Kenya Pitts Elder, Andrea Gautney and Paige Treshansky | June 4, 2020

As the school year closes, instructional coaches are still hard at work. They are taking the many lessons learned in the last quarter of this school year and using those lessons to plan for a strong, if uncertain, year ahead. Join us for an exploration of how coaches are traversing the challenges of distance professional learning, remaining connected to the teachers they support, and applying their expertise in accelerating teacher learning.

Assessing the Impact of Professional Learning

Assessing the Impact of Professional Learning

By Joellen Killion | April 24, 2020

To make informed decisions about professional learning, educators use data gathered from formative and summative evaluations. In an era of rapid-cycle change as is common with continuous improvement within communities of practice, school improvement, or cycles of inquiry, evaluation becomes a core part of the process. Assessing the impact of well-designed professional learning as well […]

Learning from coaches: Supporting educators in a virtual world

By Joellen Killion, Courtney Simpson, Ebony Flott, Melissa Cournia and Michelle Torres | April 23, 2020

Now that we are working and leading in a virtual environment, join us for an exploration of how coaches are traversing the challenges of distance professional learning, and remaining connected to the teachers they support.

On the path to ‘becoming’

By Joellen Killion | December 1, 2019

Awareness of their own mental models can help coaches stretch and grow.