Jill Harrison Berg

Jill Harrison Berg is a leadership coach, school improvement consultant, researcher, and writer committed to maximizing the leadership potential of teachers. Berg is the author of Leading in Sync: Teacher Leaders and Principals Working Together for Student Learning (ASCD, 2018). Her monthly column, “Leading Together,” in ASCD’s Educational Leadership magazine aims to heighten leaders’ attention to the complementary roles that teacher leaders and administrators must play in restructuring and re-culturing schools for equity and excellence.

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Model classrooms can amplify coaching’s impact

By Jason Margolis and Jill Harrison Berg | April 1, 2022

Model classrooms spread best practices and give teachers an opportunity to be lead learners among their colleagues.

To lead for equity, learn from teachers

By Jill Harrison Berg | December 1, 2021

Teachers’ collaborative inquiry can lead the way to systemic change.

‘Let’s get ready to work even harder’ for Indigenous students

By Casey Sovo and Jill Harrison Berg | June 1, 2021

The pandemic gives us the chance to create schools students deserve, says Bureau of Indian Education program administrator.

Educating for racial equity: Equipping oneself with anti-racist strategies

By Jill Harrison Berg, Patricia Payne and Charlie McGeehan | July 23, 2020

This webinar focused on resources, strategies, and tangible ideas at the classroom, school, and district levels that all teachers and leaders can use for advancing and accelerating racial equity so that all students experience success.

An opportunity for equity

By Sonia Caus Gleason and Jill Harrison Berg | June 1, 2020

Pandemic shines a light on the need for equitable teaching practices.

How teachers learn to lead

By Jill Harrison Berg | June 1, 2019

Programs build knowledge and skills teachers need to be influential beyond their classrooms.