Jal Mehta

Jal Mehta is a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His research explores the role of different forms of knowledge in tackling major social and political problems, particularly problems of human improvement. He has also written extensively on what it would take to improve American education, with a particular focus on the professionalization of teaching. Mehta is the author of The Allure of Order: High Hopes, Dashed Expectations and the Troubled Quest to Remake American Schooling (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013), the co-author of In Search of Deeper Learning: The Quest to Remake the American High School (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2019), the co-editor of Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2018), and the co-editor of The Futures of School Reform (Cambridge: Harvard Education Press, 2012).

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How to learn from the pandemic: Name, nourish, connect, and grow!

By Jal Mehta, Neema Avashia and Justin Reich | March 25, 2021

This webinar focuses on how to process what we have learned from teaching and learning in the pandemic era and identify what to keep as we move forward into the next school year.

I Say

By Jal Mehta | February 1, 2017

On how the way we learn naturally should influence professional learning in education: “You have to think that, at some point, the way in which people learn outside of school — with like-minded others, around topics they care about, with people of varying levels of expertise, in networks that reach out in all directions — […]