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Awardees' Grant Projects Demonstrate Foundation's Impact

By Heather Lageman | April 1, 2018

Built on the belief that we need to support more people in the profession, the Learning Forward Foundation has been leveraging money, time, and relationships through coaching to transform beliefs and practice in adult learning since it began as the Lynne Chidley Foundation in 1985. Centered around the Standards for Professional Learning and their power […]

What’s your shot for 2018?

By Heather Lageman | February 13, 2018

In his world-changing musical, Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda shared the lyric, “I’m not throwing away my shot!” The lyric occurs at a poignant place during the show garnering an unforgettable rallying cry for the heart, mind and spirit. The sentiment is so powerful, it resides in the minds and hearts of thousands of would-be world changers […]

Giving thanks: Learning Forward Foundation awardees share their stories

By Heather Lageman | November 14, 2017

In this season of gratitude, the Learning Forward Foundation would like to celebrate by sharing our thanks with you. We thank these Foundation awardees for making the lives of students and educators brighter with their gifts of passion, creativity, and empathy. This is just a few of the stories from our fearless lead learners. We […]

The space to learn: Growing and learning together

By Heather Lageman | October 10, 2017

Last month we pondered our professional learning legacies and the people and the stories that have shone a light on our journeys. The learning is about the journey, not the destination – the destination changes. This month we are exploring the Learning Forward Foundation’s reflective learning process, Touchpoint, a one-hour facilitated learning conversation between foundation members and awardees. Learning […]

What will be your professional learning legacy?

By Heather Lageman | September 11, 2017

As we begin another school year, this is the perfect time to reflect on what brought us to the profession. What drew you to education? What makes you excited to walk into school buildings every fall? Why do you love learning? For me, fall is not about the leaves on the ground and the chill in the air. […]

Leaning in & lifting up: A look inside the Learning Forward Foundation retreat

By Heather Lageman | August 7, 2017

The Learning Forward Foundation is a place of leaning in and lifting up educators in pursuit of their professional learning hopes and dreams. Having just concluded our July Foundation Retreat, we would like to share with you some of the “behind the scenes” conversation, reflection, and planning that goes into the Learning Forward Foundation work. […]