Frederick Brown

Frederick Brown is Learning Forward’s chief learning officer/deputy, where he leads the association’s business services and membership teams as well as overseeing program content for the Learning Forward Academy and conferences and institutes. Prior to joining Learning Forward, Brown served as a senior program office for the New York City based Wallace Foundation where he guided the work of several major grantees, including the Southern Regional Education Board; the Institute for Learning at the University of Pittsburgh; and the states of Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon, Kansas, and New Jersey. Before joining The Wallace Foundation, Brown was director of the Leadership Academy and Urban Network for Chicago (LAUNCH), an organization whose mission was to identify, train, and support principals for the Chicago Public Schools. In 2005, (more…)

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Learning to lead

By Kay Psencik and Frederick Brown | June 1, 2018

Districts collaborate to strengthen principal practices.

Building a Continuum of Leadership Learning and Support: Principals and Central Office

By Kassandra Lassiter, Douglas Anthony, Melissa Ellis, Margaret Ackerman, Glenn Pethel, Dale Pugh and Frederick Brown | May 16, 2018

Frederick Brown of Learning Forward, Kassandra Lassiter, Douglas Anthony, and Melissa Ellis of Prince George’s County Public Schools, and Margaret Ackerman, Glenn Pethel, and Dale Pugh of Gwinnett County Public Schools deepen participant’s understanding of research and resources that provide guidance in district leadership development efforts. Hear from the two districts that are part of […]

How systems can support high-quality curricula

By Frederick Brown | February 22, 2018

In her recent blog post, Learning Forward Executive Director Stephanie Hirsh argued that the impact of high-quality curricula will be fully realized when grade-level, subject-specific professional learning communities place deep study and planning for how to use these instructional materials at the core of their work. But, as Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning make […]

Create Learning Systems, Not Silos

By Kay Psencik, Frederick Brown and Stephanie Hirsh | February 1, 2018

Declare roles and responsibilities using KASAB.

How Curriculum And Professional Learning Intersect

By Frederick Brown and Stephanie Hirsh | February 1, 2018

A close look at school-based learning teams and the role of leadership in implementing curriculum.


By Frederick Brown | December 1, 2017

Q: As we look to encourage the habitual use of effective collaborative learning practices, what is the role of school leaders in creating cultures that nurture collaborative learning among teachers in their buildings? We understand that the principal is critical to implementing schoolwide shifts in how people learn and how they think about learning. I […]