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Access, knowledge, and culture limit teachers’ use of research

By Elizabeth Foster | October 1, 2020

A study finds teacher attitudes aren’t the problem in applying research.

Study explores ways to support meaningful inclusion

By Elizabeth Foster | August 1, 2020

Two schools use different inclusion models, with implications for professional learning.

Strength lies in combining curriculum with professional learning

By Elizabeth Foster | June 1, 2020

A meta-analysis shows the impact of including both.

Researchers offer evidence of lesson study’s benefits

By Elizabeth Foster | April 1, 2020

A recent study contributes evidence that collaborative professional learning matters.

Survey sheds light on the state of coaching

By Elizabeth Foster | February 1, 2020

A survey of U.S. educators leads to insights on how to improve coaching’s effectiveness.

Study pinpoints success factors when teachers learn from peers

By Elizabeth Foster | December 1, 2019

CA initiative helps us know how to support teacher-led professional learning.