Denelle West

DeNelle West supports curriculum and instruction, special education, career and technical education, and English language learning programs. Prior to joining Kent School District, she served as the director of professional development at Research for Better Teaching, in Acton, Massachusetts. Research for Better Teaching is a leading organization in guiding the professional growth of teachers and leaders on the use of highly effective research-based practices. West has served in public education for over a decade helping to influence the lives of students and the practice of teachers and leaders across the country.

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Teaching in an online environment

By Christine Fox, Denelle West, Teshon Christie and Tricia Kennedy | March 26, 2020

Educators across the world are being asked to implement online learning for their students as school systems close in response to COVID-19. Join this webinar to learn about strategies and to link to resources that will make online learning manageable and productive. In this webinar, we will hear from DeNelle West, the Chief Learning Officer […]

So you think you can lead?

By Denelle West | December 7, 2015

When we think about what hooks us to popular reality television shows, it’s often the characters that pull us in each week. Is it the odd or eccentric idiosyncrasies that leave us baffled and intrigued about what they might do next? Do we find ourselves trying to predict their behaviors and how others around them might respond? Trying to decipher the needs and behaviors of others is a critical skill that helps make leaders effective.

Vision problems? Using context, process, and product to align your team’s work

By Denelle West | May 15, 2015

It started with a simple statement: “We need a vision.” As the director of staff development for Gwinnett County Public Schools, I realized I was in trouble when similar sentiments echoed throughout our staff development team.