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My most memorable moments from Learning Forward’s 2017 Annual Conference

By Dawn Wilson | January 24, 2018

By Dawn Wilson When I attended my first Learning Forward conference in Vancouver several years ago, I made a commitment to attend every year, and have. Although the topics and technologies have changed, the culture of learning has remained constant. During this year’s closing, Stephanie Hirsh shared her favorite conference moments and invited audience members to reflect on theirs.  […]

Lessons from La La Land

By Dawn Wilson | May 11, 2017

Inspired by the Hollywood hit La La Land, author Dawn Wilson writes about the parallels between the movie’s characters and classroom teachers. Read more about the importance of teacher autonomy to improve retention and reduce burnout.

Charting a course for the change process: Learning strategies for sails, surfers, and anchors

By Dawn Wilson | April 4, 2017

Change is a challenge. Read about the different ways your team members will respond to change and how to address each type to ensure learning.

Learning Forward Academy – A participant’s perspective

By Dawn Wilson | February 21, 2017

After graduating from the Academy, Dawn Wilson knew that she wanted to be a coach and help others experience high levels of learning. Read more about her experience through the Learning Forward Academy and how it transformed her outlook on professional learning.

10 strategies to develop teacher agency in 2017

By Dawn Wilson | January 6, 2017

Teacher agency is fundamental to effective professional learning. Read how Dawn Wilson gained inspiration from a retiring educator’s comments about the ineffectiveness of much professional development.

Blogging: Learning beyond boundaries

By Dawn Wilson | October 26, 2016

Dawn Wilson explains how blogging can elevate your professional practice and expand your virtual Professional Learning Network.