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Chris Bryan

Senior Consultant and Professional Development Director

Chris Bryan is a senior consultant with Learning Forward. She is also the professional development director for the organization One to One Women Coaching Women. Bryan draws on deep instructional experience to serve her clients and learning partners—from classroom teacher, learning specialist, mentor, and staff developer, to instructional coach and coach of coaches. Currently, she coaches school executives, school-based coaches, and other leaders of organizations. Bryan assists with the design and delivery of teacher leadership programs, including the Learning Forward Coaches Academy where she is a co-developer of training modules. She co-designed and co-taught a School Leadership Institute as part of a School Leadership Academy in partnership with the school district and Learning Forward. She is past president of Learning Forward Colorado and has served on the Affiliate Leadership Committee. Bryan has been a featured author in Learning Forward Publications, including The Learning Professional and is a co-author of the book Coaching Matters.

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