Carrie Edmond

Carrie Edmond is the assistant director of student leadership & well-being at North East ISD. She is also the founder of The Courage Compass, LLC where she focuses on providing program development, consultation, curriculum writing, and training. Edmond specializes in working with educators, students, at-risk youth, and the community at large. Her approach is compassionate and experiential. She has worked directly with many school districts and community organizations.

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Where do we go from here?

By Elisha Smith Arrillaga, Katy Green, Carrie Edmond and Rebekah Kmieciak | September 16, 2021

Learning Forward kicks off this year’s webinar series with a conversation about how to leverage our best lessons from last year, continuing to transform schooling for the better while supporting educators to sustain their energy and creativity over the next several months.

Coaching with SEL in mind

By Carrie Edmond, Rebekah Kmieciak, Rachel Mane and Ashley Taplin | August 1, 2021

With help from coaches, Texas district integrates SEL into math curricula.