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Angela M. Ward ( is founder and CEO of 2Ward Equity and a columnist for The Learning Professional.

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Addressing students’ humanity is an equity issue.

By Angela M. Ward | December 1, 2021

When the U.S. shut down during spring 2020, my youngest son was in 8th grade. He had no closure to his school year or his middle school career, and then he began high school from home. This year, he started face to face coursework as a sophomore. My son and students like him lost a […]

For antiracist leaders, self-care and community are essential

By Angela M. Ward | October 15, 2021

In October of 2017, I changed my email autoreply to read, “I am responding daily to the needs of our students and staff and am not able to respond to emails or phone calls quickly. Thanks for your patience. I look forward to connecting with you. Regards, Angela.” I take my role as an antiracist […]

Meet racist incidents head-on with a crisis plan

By Angela M. Ward | October 1, 2021

When a racist incident occurred at one of the schools in my district, the community was unprepared to deal with the ensuing crisis. School leaders had a crisis intervention plan at their disposal, which worked well when a student attempted suicide or a member of the community died, yet no one considered it as a […]

Antiracist SEL centers the comfort and needs of all students

By Angela M. Ward | August 1, 2021

Antiracist SEL centers the comfort and needs of all students.

We are at a major decision point as we reopen schools

By Angela M. Ward | June 1, 2021

This summer is a time to reimagine and realize a commitment to schools that are safe, welcoming, and inclusive for the identities of each student in our care. As we plan to reopen schools, we must begin with the imperative that students deserve our best, even when we have squeezed out what feels like the […]

Why we tell our children’s stories

By Angela M. Ward | April 1, 2021

Why we tell our children’s stories