Angel Montoya

Angel Montoya is an anti-racist educator and researcher in Denver, Colorado. She is dean of students at Northeast Early College in Denver. Previously, she served as dean of students and cultural and linguistically responsive instructional support specialist in Albuquerque (New Mexico) Public Schools and as a language arts teacher. She completed her Doctorate of Education at the University of Colorado Denver, specializing in leadership for educational equity with an emphasis in Latinx communities. She is an advocate for humane and inclusive education for students of color and the educators who serve them. She has found that there is a deep connection to one’s eight dimensions of wellness and ability to engage in critical consciousness and to address anti-racism in their individual and professional life, which has become a primary focus of her research.

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8 dimensions of wellness for educators

By Angel Montoya and Laura Lee Summers | February 1, 2021

Paying attention to the whole educator benefits adults and the students they teach.

Sustaining your wellness for the long haul

By Angel Montoya, Christopher J. Cormier and Nancy L. Markowitz | January 14, 2021

As we approach the midpoint of this challenging school year, skyrocketing stress levels are understandable. But they don’t have to lead to burnout. On this webinar, presenters will discuss how to cope when your energy reserves are depleted but the challenges just keep coming.