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Stephanie Hirsh offers an example of leadership in action

As I’ve served on the board of trustees for Learning Forward, and particularly over the last 12 months as president, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to work side by side with our executive direct

By Alan Ingram        December 01 2018

A vision for equity starts at the top

“Hey, that’s not fair!” It’s a credo repeated righteously on play scapes or amongst young siblings regularly. Unfair treatment, even at that early age, stirs a visceral reaction no matter who

By Alan Ingram        October 01 2018

Lessons Learned In The Military Apply To Education, Too

We can learn a lot by being intentional in our efforts to reflect on our work. I’ve spent much of my career engaged in professional learning to build the capacity of individuals, learning teams, sch

By Alan Ingram        April 01 2018