Abby Morales

Abby Morales provides one-on-one coaching to preschool and kindergarten teachers and leadership in Boston Public Schools’ renowned program. In this role, she has worked closely with teachers of young learners and school leaders throughout the city’s diverse elementary schools and early childhood centers. She also played a leadership role in expanding the Boston Public Schools program to community early childhood centers and building the capacity of their teachers to implement the Boston Public Schools early childhood approach. She has also facilitated schools’ and centers’ efforts to become NAEYC certified. Since school building closures in March, she has been working on developmentally appropriate remote learning approaches for young learners. Previous to this role, Morales was a preschool teacher at the Cambridgeport Children’s Center in Cambridge, MA.

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Meeting the needs of our youngest learners

By Abby Morales, Alycia Rhinehart, Tabatha Rosproy and Michelle Elia | August 13, 2020

Socially distanced classrooms present their own challenges for children who are still developing self-regulation and social skills. This webinar will share strategies for teaching young learners (preschool to grade 2) in ways that address their academic, social, and emotional development during the pandemic.