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Affiliates provide members the opportunity to expand their professional development networks by connecting with other individuals by location. More than 35 state and provincial affiliates provide services and programs that connect staff developers within individual states or provinces or regions.

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The opportunity to serve as a trustee and to be a part of the Learning Forward team is an honor and professionally rewarding in so many ways. The mission of Learning Forward is directly aligned with school leadership and as a public school Superintendent, building the capacity of leaders through highly effective professional learning is key to school improvement and student achievement. Serving on the board of this prestigious organization allows for collaboration and learning that is significant to me professionally in improving my practice as an educator, and in strengthening our learning system. As a trustee, the opportunity to work alongside national and international leaders allows us to develop our passion for improving student achievement through professional learning in order to impact the future of children.

— Leigh Wall

My time on the Board has allowed me to learn from, and with, likeminded leaders committed to advocating high quality educator professional learning to provide all students an equitable education. Even though our full-time responsibilities keep us busy, when we have the opportunity to work on a common goal, it feels as if we’ve worked together every day for years.

— Valeria Brown

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As a superintendent, I value the diversity of thought our employees bring to the district. Because our leaders were hired at different times and have varying levels of experience, we need a common set of standards that allows us to use our diverse backgrounds to strengthen the district capacity for change in order to provide the highest quality education to our students. Learning Forward has helped us develop the talent of our staff, defined the work that needs to be done, provided the tools to get us there, and surrounded us with a network of peers from around the world to ensure we get the results we need. Additionally, my position as a member of the board allows me to use my talents to strengthen the Learning Forward organization which is known as the premier advocate for the value of professional learning.

— Wendy Robinson

My introduction to Learning Forward came more than 20 years ago while using its exceptional consultation services. The organizations I’ve served and the educators with whom I’ve served have benefited immensely by participation in Learning Forward’s annual conferences, summer institutes, immersion in the standards of professional learning, and access to other continuous improvement resources and publications. But, most importantly, by concerted efforts to improve the practice of all educators, students have been the direct beneficiaries. I am honored to serve on the Board of Trustees.

— Alan Ingram

My time as a Learning Forward board member has been personally transformational. It had an exponential impact on my work in the field with numerous educators and organizations. Being a board member required me to examine my beliefs and assumptions about professional learning and document evidence of ongoing impact as well as a commitment to transformative facilitation practices.

— Deborah Childs-Bowen, Past President, 2005