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Secretary DeVos testifies on proposed budget before the House and Senate Appropriations Committees

By Learning Forward | March 6, 2020

Over the last two weeks, Secretary Betsy DeVos has appeared before both the House and Senate Appropriations committees to provide a rationale for the President’s proposed FY21 budget. As you will remember, the President released his budget on February 10 and the proposal calls for block granting 29 programs – including Title IIA – and…

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The New Appropriations Season Starts Now

By Learning Forward | January 9, 2020

The White House announced this week that the President will be releasing his Fiscal Year 2021 Proposed Budget on February 10th, which will kickstart the FY2021 appropriations process. We anticipate that, as he has in each of the past three years, the President will ignore Congress’ firm support for Title II-A and zero out this…

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Sign the Learning Forward PEPS Increase Today!


Calling all advocates!  We are calling for an annual increase in funding for professional learning every year. Sign the “Preparing Educators to Prepare Students Increase” petition:
We, the undersigned educators, call on federal, state and local policy makers to commit to an annual increase of at least 2% in funding for PreK-12 professional learning programs. We are deeply concerned that professional learning is underfunded at the federal level and many states and local districts provide little or no funding for professional learning.
For many U.S. states and districts, Title IIA represents the only source of funding for professional learning. Yet, it has not received a funding increase in more than a decade.
Increase professional learning investments at every level.

Addressing Equity in Teaching Through Professional Learning


Click here to download the Capitol Hill Briefing PPT slides.

All of America’s teachers need access to high-quality professional learning and support to address students’ cultural contexts, social-emotional development and an ability to engage with demanding academic content. All too often, the teachers of the students who need the most support are in schools with the most limited resources for professional learning. We can turn the tide by providing ongoing, collaborative and job-embedded professional learning for all teachers and leaders.

Hear from the field about the challenges schools and districts are facing, how they have intervened with professional learning and what the impact has been. Specifically, this panel focused on how Title II-A supported initiatives are making a difference in recruiting and retaining teachers and leaders and increasing student achievement. 


Evidence, evidence, evidence

Evidence of impact is not optional. From your ESSA plans to Title II to talking with your district superintendent, everyone wants to know when professional development is making an impact and how you know. Learning Forward is here to help. We invite you to join your peers from across the U.S. to share your successes here.

Tell us what Title II funds in your school or district, and most important, what outcomes you see as a result. Outcomes might include improved graduation rates or assessment scores, improvements for specific populations of students, or other indicators that students are experiencing more meaningful learning.

ESSA Toolkits

A New Vision For Professional Learning: A Toolkit to Help
States Use ESSA to Advance Learning and Improvement
This toolkit helps leaders leverage professional learning as
an essential tool in overcoming systemic inequities and guaranteeing
excellence for all.




Agents for Learning Toolkit: A Guide to Amplifying Teacher
Voice and Stakeholder Engagement.
This toolkit suggests ways to cultivate teacher voice and agency in policy decisions and the implementation of professional learning.

Webinar series: Speak up for Title II

Learning Forward hosted a series of advocacy webinars designed to help educators build their advocacy skills. Each free webinar provides background information, the legislative status of Title II, and offers practical steps for how you can engage in this critical fight.

What people are saying

I love the emphasis on advocacy for our field – the sample templates Learning Forward shares to communicate with state reps regarding policy, the up-to-date info about policy and legislation that could impact our field. I also really appreciate that Learning Forward is the standard-bearer for professional learning standards and provides a framework that supports calibrated understanding of quality and how to strive for it.

— Rhonda

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